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Are you suffering with any of these symptoms?

Foggy thinking
Inability to lose weight
Hair loss
No sex drive
Joint pain
Carpal tunnel symptoms
Lack of motivation
Slow thinking
Often feeling cold
High or rising cholesterol
Trouble finding words
Dry cracking skin

Do any or all of the above symptoms resonate with you? This is just a sampling of the myriad of symptoms you may be suffering from if you have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Perhaps you’ve already been diagnosed, or maybe you just feel crummy and don’t know why. Hashimoto’s is a complex autoimmune spectrum that can be challenging to diagnose and treat. It can impact every system in your body, affect your relationships and undermine what you want to accomplish in this life.

Hope for Hashimoto’s

You're in the right place if:

  • You're exhausted and feel hopeless that you can ever feel good again,
  • You've followed suggested medical recommendations and still feel sick,
  • You've been made to feel that it's all in your head,
  • You're overwhelmed and don't know where else to turn,
  • You're sure there must be a better way, but haven't found it YET

The good news is that you have way more control over your Hashimoto’s than you may realize. At Restore Health Now, Inc. we’ll work together to build a partnership that cradles you as we explore dietary and lifestyle interventions that enhance the quality of your life, work toward slowing or halting the progression of Hashimoto’s, and provide symptom resolution along the way.

  • Education about your condition will empower you to actively participate in YOUR care with your entire team of providers.
  • Dietary detective work will help you discover the ideal diet for you; one that will help you feel your best while taming the inflammation that contributes to stubborn symptoms.
  • Lifestyle interventions, gently sprinkled along the way, will improve your quality of life and ultimately restore you to better health.
  • Work hand in hand with a guide who will help you navigate your own hero's journey.  When you take ownership of your journey you're empowered to overcome whatever hurdles may crop up along the way.

Strategy session

Each person’s journey with Hashimoto’s is unique. How your body responds to nourishment and lifestyle demands are different. This is your opportunity to briefly share your story.  We’ll get to know each other and together we’ll discover if this therapeutic partnership approach to your care is a good fit. Call 612-308-7353 to schedule a time convenient for you. Let’s get started on this journey to Restore YOUR Health Now.